Refereed journals

“The Evangelizing Parish in the Australian Church: Foundations of an Evangelizing Parish”, The Pastoral Review (March/April) 2017: 30-35. Available here.

“The Evangelizing Parish in the Australian Church: Strategies for Prophetic Witness”, The Pastoral Review (January/February) 2017: 32-36. Available here.

Faith in Our Future: Pastoral Planning in the Diocese of Parramatta”, Australasian Catholic Record 91/2 (2014): 131-145. Available here.

“The Evangelising School: Educating In and for Communion”, Champagnat: An International Marist Journal of Charism in Education 15/2 (2013): 17-22.

“The New Evangelisation: A Future for the Church”, Champagnat: An International Marist Journal of Charism in Education 14/2 (2012): 16-23.

“‘The New Evangelisation’ and the New Ecclesial Movements: Reflections on an Emerging Scene”, Compass Theological Review 46/2 (2012): 6-12. Available here.

“Toward a Framework of Coherence: Christian Mission and the Common Destiny of Humanity in the Thought of Henri de Lubac”, Australian Journal of Mission Studies 6/1 (2012): 6-11.

“The Parochial Sermons and the Spirituality of John Henry Newman”, Compass Theological Review 44/2 (2010): 14-18. Available here.

“Ecological Hermeneutics: Recovering the Sensus Plenior”, Colloquium: Australian and New Zealand Theological Review 41/1 (2009): 29-37. Citation here.

“What Now? Youth Ministry in the Wake of World Youth Day 2008: The Ongoing Challenge”, Australasian Catholic Record 85/4 (2008): 403-414. Citation here.

“Diminishing Mass Attendance: A Pressing Ecclesial Concern”, Compass Theological Review 42/3 (2008): 21-24. Available here.

“Sustainable Youth Ministry: Exploring the Role of the Spirit”, Compass Theological Review 40/3 (2006): 29-34.  Available here.

Articles, press and contributions

“Faith well placed as plan pays off for Parramatta”, Catholic Weekly, 4 January 2015. Available page 7 and page 27.

Proclaim 2014 Conference workshop, “Growing Our Parishes: Vision and Practices for Making Disciples”, August 2014. Audio available here.

Catholic Digital Media Conference keynote, “The Heart of Evangelisation: Proclaiming the Gospel in a Digital World”, August 2014. Audio available here.

“Facing the Future without Blinking”, Catholic Weekly, 6 August, 2014. Available here.

CathNews blog, “Reforming Our Parishes“, May 2013.

CathNews blog, “A Church of Tears and Hope“, March 2013.

CathNews blog, “Christmas in a Time of No Room“, December 2012. 

CathNews blog, “The Gravity of the Present Moment“, November 2012.

CathNews blog, “The Marian Dimension of Vatican II“, November 2012.

CathNews blog, “Children of Grace in the Year of Grace“, August 2012.

CathNews blog, “The New Apologetics“, June 2012.

Homily Notes on the Documents of Vatican II in the Year of Grace, Diocese of Parramatta, June 2012. Available here.

CathNews blog, “The New Evangelisation Offers a Future for the Church“, March 2012.

CathNews blog, “Don’t Scapegoat the Hierarchy“, October 2011.

CathNews blog, “The Invitation of Christmas“, September 2011.

The Swag: Magazine of the National Council of Priests of Australia, “Toward a ‘Catholic’ Unity”, September 2011.

CathNews blog, “Doing Theology While People Starve”, September 2011.

CathNews blog, “Ending Ecclesial Enmity“, July 2011.

CathNews blog, “Reading Documents Will Inform Vatican II Debate”, June 2011.

Catholic Outlook, “The Spirit of Pilgrimage,” April 2011. Available here.

Catholic Adult Education Centre, Archdiocese of Sydney, “‘Friends of Christ’ Lenten Reflection’, March 2011.

Catholic Outlook, “Celebrating the Beatification of John Henry Newman”, August 2010. Available here.

Parramatta Diocese, Ecumenical Commission, “That They May All Be One”, May 2010. Available here.

“A Response to Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church”, Catalyst for Renewal website, May 2008.

Non-refereed journals

“Fifty Years after Vatican II: Governance, Resources and Catholic Ecumenism”, The Furrow 63, No. 11 (November 2012): 532-542. A modified version presented at Catalyst for Renewal, Sydney, is available here.

“Freedom in the Church: Perspectives from Thomas Merton”, The Furrow 62, No. 9 (September 2011): 482-491.

“Unlearning Our Illusions: Merton’s Spiritual Revolution”, Spirituality 15, No. 82 (2009): 35-41.

“Not a Marginal Faith: Basic Principles of Youth Formation”, Church 23/1 (Spring 2007): 4-6.

Terra Spiritus: The New Conversation on Spirituality”, Kairos (October 2005): 6-7.


The Model of Paradox in Christian Theology – Perspectives from Henri de Lubac (MDiv Research Essay, June 2011)

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