About Daniel Ang


On 1 April, 2015, Bishop Peter A Comensoli appointed Daniel to direct the Office for Evangelisation in the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney and a Master of Divinity from the Sydney College of Divinity, undertaken at the Catholic Institute of Sydney.

Diocese of Parramatta

Baptised on the 24th November, 1999, at St Bernadette’s Parish, Castle Hill, Daniel worked as a media buyer for Mitchell & Partners before assuming the role of marketing officer and editor for the Daughters of St Paul in Australia.

Following five years of theological study at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, he was appointed Coordinator of Parish Services for the Diocese of Parramatta in 2010 by Bishop Kevin Manning and taught courses in theology for the Institute for Mission, the adult education centre of the diocese.

In 2011, now-Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher OP appointed Daniel to lead and coordinate the Parramatta diocesan planning process, in time becoming Director of a Pastoral Planning Office. In this role he co-authored and co-ordinated the pastoral plan, Faith in Our Future 2014-2018, to guide the life, structures and mission of the Church in Western Sydney (the strategic plan is available here in PDF).

The Parramatta pastoral planning process brought together hundreds of people in consultation, articulated a theological vision of mission, supplied practical actions and resources for parishes to grow in faith, harmonised the strategic plans of agencies and diocesan ministries, while identifying areas of review, structural change and partnership to advance the mission of evangelisation in the years ahead.

During this period, Daniel also liaised with the dioceses of Bathurst, Lismore, and Townsville, the Melkite and Maronite Catholic Church, Catholic Mission, Caritas Australia, and Australian Catholic University in initiatives of formation and strategic planning.

The Parramatta Diocese is comprised of some 340,000 Catholics across 47 parish communities, with a variety of youth and ecclesial movements, and institutional commitments including 80 Catholic schools, hospitals, migrant chaplaincies and social support services.

Diocese of Broken Bay

On the 1 April, 2015, Bishop Peter A Comensoli appointed Daniel to direct a new Office for Evangelisation in the Diocese of Broken Bay (media release available here). With some 220,000 Catholics across the Diocese, 85,000 Catholic families, almost one third of Broken Bay Catholics aged 19 years or younger, and diverse communities from the North Shore, the Northern Beaches to the Central Coast, the diocese bids great possibilities to build upon the achievements of the past and carry forward a truly twenty-first century mission.

The new Office will bring strategic shape to the mission in Christ that unites the parishes, communities, movements and people of the Diocese by faith, operating on the firm foundation of evangelisation as the deepest identity and vocation of our Church (Evangelii Nuntiandi 14).

The Office for Evangelisation includes responsibility for sacramental life, liturgy, RCIA, youth ministry, adult faith formation, Special Religious Education in government schools, family ministry, library resources and pastoral research and planning in the Diocese.

Other Commitments

Daniel is current Chair of the National Pastoral Planners Network, a professional planning body that promotes and advocates a culture of planning within the Catholic Church in Oceania. He is also a member of the Australian Catholic Council for Pastoral Research (ACCPR), the ACBC Evangelisation Network established by the National Office for Evangelisation, and a member of the reference group for the ACBC Lay Pastoral Ministry project (2015– ).

Daniel has been published in a number of peer reviewed journals in the areas of ecclesiology, the spiritual tradition, youth ministry, and contemporary issues of pastoral concern in the life of the Catholic community.

His theological outlook is shaped by the scholars of the ressourcement movement, among others. This project of religious revitalisation took place within the French Church from the period of 1930 to 1950 and engaged theologians and historians including Henri de Lubac, Yves Congar, Jean Daniélou, Henri Boulliard, Henri Rondet, and Émil Delaye. This movement underscored the theological meaning of history, sought to overcome the recurrent separatio between knowledge and life, and sought a return to a more substantial tradition, accessed through the ‘monuments’ of Scripture, liturgy and the Church Fathers.

A further influence is ecumenism as an integral dimension of Catholic theology. This brings the recognition of a real but incomplete communion with other churches and communities that includes within its ‘bond’ baptism, the work of the Spirit, sharers in holiness, unexpected dimensions of Christian commitment, as well as a call to complete, visible unity in sacraments, faith and hierarchical ministry.

Beyond these commitments, Daniel’s interests include playing guitar, movies, travel and mechanical watches.

In addition to writing timeofthechurch, Daniel can also be followed on Twitter (@DanielAngRC), at LinkedIn or contacted by email (DanielAngRC@gmail.com). He is a married layman with two children.


One thought on “About Daniel Ang

  1. Just wanted to say I spent quite a lot of time today slipping copies of “Faith in Our Future” into the centrefold of our Parish Bulletin… just wanted to say congratulations on the culmination of several years work for you… I look forward to seeing the fruits in our Diocese!

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